作者单位:121000 辽宁 锦州,锦州市中心医院心血管内科


Relationship between Blood Pressure Variability and Degree of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with H-type Hypertension

(Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Jinzhou Central Hospital, Jinzhou 121000, Liaoning Province, China)

 Hypertension; Type H; Coronary Heart Disease; Variability; Pathological Changes; Correlation

DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1672-7185.2020.02.019


 目的  探讨H型高血压患者血压变异性与冠脉病变程度的关系。方法  选择锦州市中心医院2017年1月—2018年12月收治的H型高血压患者349例,分为对照组(单纯H型高血压)186例和观察组(H型高血压+冠心病)163例。比较两组患者的日间收缩压(dSBP)、夜间收缩压(nSBP)及SCV;比较两组患者的日间舒张压(dDBP)、夜间舒张压( n D B P)及D CV,并对血压变异性与冠脉病变程度的关系进行探讨。结果  两组dSBP、nSBP、SCV和dDBP、nDBP、DCV差异均有统计学意义( P<0.05)。Gensini评分=2.231+3.414×SCV+2.917×SCV。结论  H型高血压患者血压变异性与患者冠脉病变程度密切相关,SCV和DCV是其独立危险因素。
 Objective  To explore the relationship between blood pressure variability and the degree of coronary artery disease in patients with H-type hypertension. Methods  A total of 349 patients with H-type hypertension admitted to our hospital from January 2017 to December 2018 were divided into the control group (n=186, simple H-type hypertension) and the observation group (n=163, H-type hypertension and coronary heart disease). The daytime systolic blood pressure (dSBP), nocturnal systolic blood pressure (nSBP) and SCV of the two groups were compared; the daytime diastolic blood pressure (dDBP), nocturnal diastolic blood pressure (nDBP) and DCV of the two groups were compared, and the relationship between the variability of blood pressure and the degree of coronary lesions was explored. Results  there were significant differences in dSBP, nSBP, SCV, dDBP, nDBP and DCV between the two groups (P<0.05). Gensini score = 2.231+3.414*SCV+2.917*SCV. Conclusion  The variability of blood pressure in patients with H-type hypertension is closely related to the degree of coronary lesions, and SCV and DCV are independent risk factors.